Monday, January 28, 2013


I have referred to a "social event" in some previous blogs for I didn't want to bore people with what's been going on. My younger daughter is getting married on Wednesday, so I've been dealing with details, details, details.

Yesterday we had a bit of a wedding rehearsal. Suddenly there was a big detail that was a surprise. When planning weeks ago with the venue the question emerged about whether the ceremony would include a Unity Candle. My daughter and her intended both said no. Yesterday in the middle of snowstorm and also a big Winter Carnival event at the venue for the wedding we had a bit of a rehearsal. The pastor handed me a rundown of the ceremony and there was Unity Candle.

So this morning  while the world looking this:

I did some Internet research and then "let me fingers do some walking" until I found a store that had a Unity Candle in stock.

I went to work today for a 1:00 meeting only to discover the correct time was 12:00!

After the "meeting" I went to the store I had found, a place in Woodbury, MN, where I've never been -- not Woodbury, but this particular location within Woodbury. Got the candle and special holders and I must say the price was a surprise too, and that means because it was quite high, not pleasantly low.

But in this same strip mall I found one of my favorite restaurants.

Outside I found Peanuts!


Similar statues are found all over town. Charles Schultz was born in Minnesota, educated in Saint Paul, and did some his first drawing for the St. Paul newspapers. For several years these statues were fabricated and there was a show all over town. At the end of the summer they were auctioned off to raise money for scholarships and a permanent bronze sculpture honoring Schultz.

Back to the restaurant. I really enjoyed a nice coffee break. Yesterday I ordered a book for my Kindle and it wouldn't download so I asked for a refund. Today it worked! Another surprise. And I couldn't finish a piece of pie. Guess I have modified my diet over the past year.

Life is definitely not dull, even though the colors outside are black and white!

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