Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Still Cold

I haven't written much for these winter days are not very interesting. There is a very little amount of snow, which in some ways is a good thing because it makes getting around, either walking or driving, easier. And we've just been caught in a bit of deep freeze.

This is what the thermometer in my car showed this morning about 11 AM, but on other days I've seen -8 and -9 some mornings, and that's in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

The coming weekend is the start of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. And the Red Bull Crashed Ice is to start tomorrow. Funny thing! Today the news is that the weather is too cold for Crashed Ice. The first runs today were postponed, for the ice was brittle and not good for skating.

In case some readers haven't heard about Crashed Ice, I've inserted a You Tube video from last year.

I'm ready for the "January thaw" even though there isn't much snow to thaw!

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