Friday, January 4, 2013

Osborne Lights Adventure

There are two holiday activities still showing at Hollywood Studios so I headed there.

The first is Comedy Warehouse, an improvisation show.

The cast members here are super talented. For example, they asked for someone to shout a word associated with the holidays. One person yelled, "Cookies." Then they asked for someone to put that into a sentence. A guy said, "My sister gave me stale cookies for Christmas." For that sentence they concocted a whole song in rhyming verse about Lyle, the poor guy, whose sister lands on him while she is getting a divorce. Finally after two months he tells her to get a job and she goes to work for Nabisco. At Christmas she shows her gratitude by buying him cookies at the day-old shop! Hence stale cookies for Christmas. Maybe this is one of those -- you have to be there to enjoy it-- things, but oh, the whole show was funny and amazing. I may go back again, because each will be different. I'd like to see how they do a show with a whole new set of words and characters from the audience.

My other goal was to see the Osborne Lights and wondered how I would find them. Well, it was easy. Here's what I saw walking out of the theater.

 This display is called Osborne Lights because it is named after a family in Arkansas who had this light display at their home until it became way too much for the neighborhood. Somehow it got donated to Disney for continued display. I saw it the first time 12 years ago. Then we walked along figures and buildings all decorated, somewhat like one might do in a neighborhood.

Here are some still photographs.

In the photo above you can see a carousel about at top center. Behind is appears a suspended Christmas tree. The narration said the carousels used to be in the Osbornes' driveway. One of the Christmas tree was suspended over the kitchen!

Here is the feature that greeted me. 

 A major feature this year is Dancing Lights.

There was light rain during my time with lights, but that didn't prove to be bothering at all. It was just so much fun to see the lights and hear the music.

A great evening at Hollywood Studios!

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