Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures Out the Window

Oh, January is a dull month, but it's getting busier this weekend. It's the start of the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

One of the first events is a race -- yes, a race. For many readers this may sound quite crazy. Who goes out and runs in January!?!

It goes right by where I live.

This kept me at home most of the morning due to the street closure. And then I looked out the window immediately below and was surprised to see this.

In Saint Paul the firefighters are also the first responders for emergency. The ambulance seems to come in this area about once a month and goes to another building quite routinely. My guess there is someone in that building with an uncontrolled medical problem such as asthma. But today the ambulance stopped for my building. What puzzled me is that there were  no sirens. Maybe they didn't do that because the race on the street they needed to use to get here.

My older daughter is spending the weekend with me. We decided to go to some of the Winter Carnival events, but after running an errand I decided the wind was raw and cold, and being outdoors for a couple of hours didn't really sound like fun. Tomorrow may be better.

So my daughter is happy, because we found the U.S. Figure Skating national championship is on TV -- all afternoon and all evening. This is her favorite sport.

Getting tired of clouds and gloomy weather, but the forecast for tomorrow is rain! Rain in January!  And in five weeks I leave for Romania and for sure the weather will be different there -- at least I hope so.

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