Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Sculpture 2013

Yesterday I wimped out on seeing the ice sculptures. Then overnight the forecast changed to rain for this afternoon, and if that comes true the ice sculptures won't last too long. So after breakfast my older daughter and I took a walk to Rice Park.

One little sculpture connects to the Crashed Ice event.

Here's the sculpture that received first prize.

This is the first time I've ever seen an arch made with ice, and surely with any warm weather it will come crashing down.

Close to this is a torch of ice with real fire.

The myth associated with the Winter Carnival is that King Boreas is in charge of winter and eventually loses a battle to the Vulcans who use a torch as their symbol. In the "old days" the Vulcans would grab women and kiss them, but with the awareness of the early 21st century about relationships between women and men the Vulcans are now primarily 'decorative.'

Near the torch is an ice throne. Here's my daughter enjoying a couple moments as Winter Carnival Queen.

Above is the sculpture that received 2nd prize. This has a unique feature too. The figures are puppets and if you look closely you can see the strings, again made of ice, coming down from the frame. Amazing work!

Today there is a contest underway for what a sculptor can make out of one ice block. Here's a view of one doing his work.

Hope you enjoy ice in the warmth of your living room, office, or coffee shop while viewing it on your  computer or Ipad!

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