Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lovely Sunday at EPCOT -- Another Disney Adventure

After the 9 AM- Midnight day, I slept in a bit. Great -- sunshine at last. I was ready for a change from cloudy, rainy weather. Took the bus to EPCOT.

The Future World area is arranged with a center area surrounded by three pavilions on each side. To get from side to the other one walks through the Innoventions area.

 I found an exhibit called Think to be very interesting.

What are the tall pillars?

They are tablet computers. What a cool idea! I could envision how these would be very helpful particularly with preschool and elementary age students.

My next stop was the Imagine building.

One thing that often puzzles children is how this waterfall runs backward.

I did the ride there and enjoyed watching kids make music as they ran around.

Next I went to the Land pavilion.

I was on a hunt for breakfast and the food service area in this pavilion is quite good. I ended up with Greek yogurt and croissant berry pudding -- a version of bread pudding. Enjoyed this for breakfast very much. 

Then I did the ride. This ride is about careful use of the land and food production. 

 I was puzzled about why so many people were in the pavilion and then I remembered the Soaring ride is here. I went over to get a Fast Pass -- it was for 2:00 - 3:00 PM. 

I headed to the Seas, only to find the ride was down. Decided to head then to the World Showcase. 

 I took the boat across the lagoon.

France was looking lovely in the sunshine.

Went to the film, Impressions of France. This is one of my very favorites. It shows beautiful scenes of France underscored by music from French composers.

Scene from the movie
It was obvious the crowds are gone. On my previous visit to EPCOT, the line for the French bakery was at least 30 people deep outside the door. Today it was a walk-in.

I wandered around the various pavilions and ended up at China.
 The film shown here about China history and culture is also very interesting and beautiful.

I continued wandering around until is was time for my Fast Pass ride on Soarin', back at the Land pavilion. Can't take photos on this ride. Everything must be stowed below the seat.  One feels as if you are taking a plane ride over California. It is a version of an IMAX film with enhancements. When in a forest, one smells pine trees. Around the orange trees, one can smell the blossoms, and when flying over a river watching the rafters, you are sure your feet will be wet.

Once this was done I wandered back to Canada and watched an Off Kilter performance again.

I then took the boat over to the Boardwalk, still thinking about eat at Kouzzina, after I found myself too late for breakfast there earlier in my stay.

I found dinner started at 5:00, so I wandered around Boardwalk a bit and then went to the restaurant. Oh, the food is wonderful.

Not a very photo -- sorry. My entree was a pastitso, sort of a Greek lasagne, but unlike anything I've ever had before. The meat sauce has cinnamon flavor and the sauce is Bechamal! I asked for a wine from Crete since I have a friend there. Unfortunately, that wine was not available, but what I got was very good too. Because there was no wine that evening from Crete, I was served olive oil from Crete to go with the wonderful bread. Just a great meal! Got me thinking about going to Greece so I could eat like this for two weeks!

It was nearly dark when I left the restaurant. The Dance Hall was looking lovely.

The dolphin behind and above the Dance Hall is on the top of the Dolphin Hotel.

I took a bus to Downtown Disney and then did a short walk to the Lego store. On my first evening I had taken a night photo of the Lego sea serpent, but somehow deleted it. So the walk was to replace the photo.  I'm going to use some of these photos to teach English in Romania and Poland during the coming months.

Got the bus back to Saratoga Springs and then explored the TV a bit to find the public television station. My goal was to see the start of the third season of Downton Abbey. When my waitress at the restaurant asked me about the rest of the evening, I told her about this. She said, "Never heard of it, " so apparently Downton Abbey isn't bit in Florida!

I found a program that highlighted various things about the Orlando area, then a program about Highclere Castle which I really enjoyed, because I had read the book about the real family. Then enjoyed the first two hours of Downton Abbey.

A very nice Sunday!

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