Monday, January 7, 2013

Part 2 of 9 AM-Midnight -- Another Disney Adventure

After a 2 hour nap I felt renewed and so took off for the bus stop and then went onward to the Magic Kingdom. I got there right about 7 PM. Many people were already sitting curb side waiting for the 8 PM parade.

Obviously by this time of the evening it was dark and Main Street was beautiful with all the lights.

I rounded the corner and there was the Crystal Palace all lit up with hundreds of strollers parked all around.

Into Adventureland.

Went first to Tiki Room and enjoyed the show very much. The script has been changed a bit. For awhile the bird routine was a bit confrontational, but now it's back to just being fun!

Right outside was Magic Carpet Ride with a fairly short line.

 From there I went to Pirates of the Caribbean. Some may think this ride is about the movie, but actually it's the reverse. The movie is about the ride. This ride was both at Disney Land and Walt Disney World for at least 20 years before the making of the Pirates movies.

By now I was a bit hungry and so picked up a chicken wrap sandwich from Pecos Bill. This proved to be about the only thing I've had to eat here that was dissatisfying. I ate the filling and put the tortilla in the trash.

By now it was getting time for the fireworks. I went into a place in the Liberty Square area that has always been good, but alas the trees have grown and blocked the fireworks. I did see Tinker Belle fly before the fireworks and also enjoyed seeing the castle change colors.

Next I did Small World and Haunted Mansion. Neither of these rides led themselves well to photos. Magic Kingdom, around 9:30 was still quite busy. I probably waited in line for Small World about 15 minutes. Often this ride is a walk-on.

Now it was time for the 10:00 version of the Electric Parade.

One day on a bus I heard a Florida native say her family always did the rides during the parades because the lines were shorter. However recently they had watched the parade for the very first time. She went on to say, "It's a really nice parade." I was amused at her surprise.

Here is a video of the Cinderella part of the parade.

After the parade I decided to try Buzz Lightyear one more time.

This time I hit something right at the beginning and ended up with a much better score.

At some point in a ride like this one's picture is taken. At the end of the ride there is an opportunity to buy a copy of this picture. With the advent of digital cameras and cell phone cameras, I notice most people simply find their picture on the wall and then take a photo of the photo. Here's mine.

I look fairly intent!

By now I was getting tired. It had been a long day and I had done a lot of walking, even though the day was interrupted with a nice nap. I headed for the bus stop and then back to the resort.

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