Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes, We Go Outdoors!

When I was in graduate school -- at a time my kids call the dark ages -- I had a friend from Los Angeles who came to study in Minnesota. This was his first experience in a place that had real winter, as opposed to driving for a day up into the California mountains to ski.

One evening at dinner he said, "But surely when it gets to be 32 (0 C) you don't go outdoors." All of us who had lived in the Midwest really laughed. (ROFL -- Rolling on the Floor Laughing had yet to be invented.)

I thought of that today when I looked out the window and dog park very busy with walkers and also saw the tree trimmers.

 The tree trimmers appeared just at sunrise and were at work at 8 AM when the temperature is a balmy 29 (- 1.6C)!

My day includes a bunch of errands, walking to library to check out some CDs, and then later meeting my older granddaughter for tutoring on her anatomy-physiology course. Yes, we go outdoors in the winter!

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Shaz said...

Had to laugh about the comment from your California friend. When we lived in Minot, ND in the mid-1960s we had to go out to work - even when it was 35-40 below with a windchill of -75!!!