Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday Night at Union Depot

For about two  years I have been driving around a construction project when going to work. The Union Depot was and now has been restored. It will be a terminus for the Green Line of the light rail and is beginning to be a stop or terminus for many bus routes.The Amtrak passenger train will be re-routed to this depot sometime within the next year.

On Saturday night a Lite-Brite mural opened. You may ask what is a Lite-Brite display? Lite-Brite are little bulbs that one can organize into making pictures. These were really fun toys.

This display is actually an art piece designed by Ta-coumba Aiken, an artist I've been following for years. Many volunteers sorted out the packages of Lite-Brites, which comes in mixed colors, and then many other volunteers helped to put the mural together. It will be in place until February 28. [Update on February 20 -- A story in MinnPost explains the mural has 596,000 lights and it will eventually be put on permanent display in a place yet to be determined.]

Found my way into the parking ramp and then into Main Hall for the first time ever.


There were kiosks for snacks and drinks as well as activities for kids.

The display set a Guinness record for being the largest Lite-Brite display created. I estimate the display is about 40 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Here is a close-up of one part of the display.

I was intrigued by the little sun that is in the upper center of this panel.

I'm anxious to go back in the daylight soon so I can get a better view of the restoration of the Main Hall.

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