Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minneapolis Mob?

I've been busy enough having adventures that I've not been writing about them. Here's the first of catch-up.

Each month the Minnesota History Center has a History Lounge. The April event featured author, Neal Karlen, speaking about this new book, Augie's Secrets.    Try the link if you want to learn more.

Karlen explained he had been trying to write this book for about 20 years, and finally when some of the principals in the stories reached their 90s, they decided to talk. I never knew anything about the Minneapolis Mob, and was totally amazed to learn that sports betting started in Minneapolis. It was originally called the Minneapolis Line. The activity moved to Las Vegas when Hubert Humphrey became the mayor of Minneapolis and drove one of the families out of the city; they re-located to Las Vegas. Enjoyed this whole lecture very much.

When I left the History Center the full moon was in view.
 Here's another view of the downtown St. Paul skyline, just at dusk.

To the east the Minnesota Capitol building looked beautiful.

 It was great to be out on a balmy evening, even if the snowbanks are still obvious!

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