Friday, April 19, 2013

Sometimes the Best Adventure is No Adventure

Since Minnesota is having persistent winter I decided to go south for a couple of days. Another "wintery-mix" was forecast to begin yesterday afternoon. Well, at lunch time when I got out of a meeting -- held in a room with no windows-- I was most surprised to see the "wintery-mix" had already arrived. I decided to still go with the plan, but oh so slowly. It wasn't safe to drive much more than 30 mph (48 k). I promised myself to stop in Owatonna for "lunch." Got there about 3 PM. The normal 1.25 hour trip took a bit more than 2 hours.

I saw many vehicles in the ditch, a high percentage were vans. I think the drivers were going too fast for the road conditions and the vans didn't have the right weight for the road conditions.

While stopped in Owatonna, I opened up the web on my phone to see weather radar and could see the snow stopped somewhere on the Minnesota-Iowa border. Sure enough, although sometimes rain continued.

Arrived safely in Des Moines about 6:30 and checked into a hotel. About 8:00 PM I took a very cold walk, maybe only 100 meters to a nearby McDonald's. The temperature was in the mid 30s but the wind was really blowing and it was a cold,cold walk.

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