Friday, April 12, 2013

Walking in Chanhassen

We are still experiencing winter in Minnesota even though the date is April 12. So I pulled on corduroy slacks, a sweater, boots, and a winter coat and headed for Chanhassen.

According to a Wikipedia entry, Chanhassen is a combination American Indian word that means sugar maple tree. Chanhassen is a southwest suburb of Minneapolis, and according to Wikipedia the median household income is $92,000. This level of income is obvious as one walks about and looks at the homes. Chanhassen is somewhat famous for having the largest professional dinner theater in the United States.

The walk began at a lovely branch of the Carver County library system. Outside I found this lovely sculpture.

The walk continued past shops, not very interesting as they are built in a quite contemporary strip mall style. And I had to keep my eye on the sidewalk, too.

This time of year the sentiment begins to build that  Mother Nature put this here and Mother Nature can take it away!

At the 0.5 mark I found St. Hubert's Church.

Next to it is a late 19th century City Hall building, now apparently an office area for a diet food company.

The walk now turned to a winding street called Frontier Trail. I walked through a housing area built within an area of ravines and hills. The temperature was just at freezing (32F and +1C), but there wasn't any wind, so the walk was actually quite pleasant.

Found a snow man.

These trees are beautiful, but truthfully I would have enjoyed this view more in December than April.

I also caught a glimpse of snow covered Lotus Lake.

5K went by quickly, glad I got out and did a walk!

When done I walked across the street from the library to the Minnesota Grille located in a Bylerly's grocery store. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and sweet potato fries. Later when I got home and got on the Internet, I discovered this was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Who knew?

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