Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting Started in Zakopane

I woke up somewhat rested around 6 AM so worked on this blog and also starting the journal for this team. I noticed at 7 AM that I have a built in alarm clock for the sun shines on my pillow at that time!

The early morning had a some sun so I went out to take photos.
The above is just one of the lovely mountain views from the hotel.

Above is the beautiful landscaping around the hotel.

We spent the day with the usual orientation activities, reviewing the Global Volunteer principles and policies, learning about how the Global Volunteer program started in Poland, and learning about our daily routines during the next two weeks. We also set team goals and identified characteristics of being a good team member.

At noon we met all the student campers as well as the Polish staff. Following lunch we all went into Zakopane for awhile. I helped one team member find her way to the kantor to change money. Dorota and I walked to the bus station to get schedules so we can all plan for weekend get-away.

We then went to a pastry shop. I could relax but Dorota spent some time puzzling over how to put the students into teaching groups. By this time it was cool and rainy, and when we walked into the pastry shop the waffles looked so good, partly because they were hot.

I chose cherry jam, nuts and whipped cream. Oh my, these are good!

We came back to the hotel and had our evening meal. Then we had a short meeting with the students who will be in our teaching groups. I have 5 students. So I had best get busy planning for the first day of teaching.

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