Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Adventure Again is the Best Adventure

For two nights in a row this area has been hit with severe thunderstorms. The first arrived at 3 AM Friday morning. In my apartment I have large windows in both the living room and bedroom. It sounded like hail hitting the windows for about 20 minutes, and while other areas did get hail, at my apartment it was truly rain drops being driven that hard by the wind.

Then another one blew in about 8:15 PM on Friday night. The rain came down in deluges and my satellite TV was totally toast for nearly 45 minutes.

This morning I heard about the winds in other parts of the state and city. Huge trees were blown over, a combination of very wet soil and winds that varied by location between 60 -90 mph.

I picked up my older daughter who continues to live in my old neighborhood. We couldn't believe all the damage we saw, and she told me her group home had been without electricity for awhile.

We wanted to go to lunch and had to go quite far away from her neighborhood. Some restaurants were closed and the ones that were open were immensely crowded, probably by residents in the area who lacked electricity in their homes.

The news tells us that 279,000 people were originally affected by electrical outages --an average thunderstorm yields only 15, 000. Now on Saturday night the number is down to almost 100,000.

Last summer no rain for weeks and weeks, this year no sun and pouring rain for weeks and weeks. I'm so very glad to live in a managed building that allows me to simply turn the key and leave and not have to worry about trees falling down on my property.

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