Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polish Grocery Shopping in Minnesota

I am invited to a picnic on Saturday afternoon by my Polish language teacher, obviously along with all the other language students. However, I'm undecided if I can attend due to the impending arrival -- any moment, any day -- of a new grandson. Thus, I decided I would head to the Polish grocery store and do some shopping for things I like. If I can't attend the picnic I can also eat these things later.

The store is in NE Minneapolis where there are a lot of folks with Central European origins, including Poland.

Above is the store front, complete with the Polish white eagle.

Here's what I bought. The pretzels, cookies, and Krowki are things I plan to share. I thought for certain I can could find my favorite juice, black currant juice--but the label said, " juoduju serbenty" and juoduju didn't match any fruit word I knew. Then I turned the package around and in plain English it says, "Blackcurrant nectar." Hurrah! I put the other phrase through Google translate and it doesn't translate, so now I don't feel so stupid!

The Delicje cookies are also available in Hungary, but sold under a different name. The packaging is exactly the same, just a different word than Delicje, but now I can't remember what it was. Anyway, when I found these in Hungary, I felt like I had found an old friend.

This trip through the Polish grocery store cost me about 33 PLN. That will probably make my Polish friends gasp, but I think the price is well worth for a taste of Poland every once in awhile in Minnesota.

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