Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Walking the St. Paul Three Campus Route

Last Saturday I thought I should perhaps continue to rest my gimpy knee, but the sunshine was calling -- probably because we've seen so little sunshine this spring/summer season. I thought perhaps I could handle a 5K walk, so was off. When I got there I found only a map for 10 K. Since this walk's route is through an area in St. Paul that I know well, I knew there would be many places to rest, and if worse came to worse I could always call a taxi to get me back to my car.

The walk started at a gas station and in a few steps I was by the Whole Foods store with this interesting mural.

A bit more walking brought me to the campus for Macalester College.
When this college was established, the site chosen was way out in the country to keep students away from the vices of the city. Well, in time, of course, the city caught up with the college site.

The campus was busy for an Alumni Weekend was underway. This allowed me to have a peek into the chapel, something I've driven by many, many times but never have had the occasion to enter.

The welcome sign is an indication of the diverse student body.

Next to it I found a segment of a torah.

A sign next to this explains this is a segment of a torah originally from a synagogue in Brno, Czech Republic. This torah was looted by the Nazis. When recovered a piece of it was placed at Macalester with the permission of the Czech Republic government.

Many people were seated at outdoor tables enjoyed coffee as I walked through the campus. Of course, I went looking for an old building.

About 10 minutes more walking brought me to a coffee shop where I enjoyed a good break. Then in just a few steps I was at campus for the University of St. Catherine, affectionately called St. Kate's.

The campus is alive with flowers. Since we have seen so few spring flowers due to the very strange weather, it was a real treat.

A few more steps brought to a view of Dew Drop Pond.

I remembered sitting on the pond shore with my mentor when I did a practicum in university teaching on this campus.

More steps led to the "chapel."

And this picture shows too that the sun had disappeared again.

Out of the campus the route led towards Mississippi River Boulevard. I went by the salon where I have my hair done.

Turning a corner I found the cottonwood trees had been busy.

Then finally I was on Mississippi River Boulevard. I took the chance to rest on a park bench for a bit. Walking on further, an older woman caught up with me, expressing her displeasure at all the young men riding their bicycles very fast on the walking path, right beside the bicycle lane marked on the street.

At last I was at the Veterans' Monument.

This hillside gives a good view of the Mississippi River.

The next couple of blocks revealed some interesting things.

Some happy tulips

An interesting sculpture in someone's front yard, and

Under my feet I found a sidewalk poem. 

These are possible to create when a section of sidewalk has to be repaired.

I crossed the street and entered the campus for the University of St. Thomas.

I came to this campus many times when I was doing my Ph.D work. The library was a place of peace and quiet for study when my home was full of kid noises!

A sign by the fountain explains it was installed in May, so truly it's new.

All the building at St. Thomas are made from this cream sandstone. It is quite unusual to find a campus with every building constructed with the same building material.

And the best part of being here is that the end of the route and and my car were only about three blocks away. So I did it -- another 10K.

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