Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adventures with the Health Care System

Today I went with my older daughter to an appointment as a source of emotional support for a difficult procedure she needed. We arrived 5 minutes before our scheduled time, waited until 10 minutes after the scheduled time to be acknowledged and asked to review some paper work, then we sat until 35 minutes after the appointment before she was called. A medical assistant took her height and blood pressure and then we were put in an exam room, where we waited for another 50 minutes! This kind of wait does nothing for someone anxious about an upcoming procedure. I can hardly wait for this whole system to be turned upside down. When people say we have the best system in the world I only wish they would search out how things are done in some other places.

Now if I had been in some other country people would criticize their national health system for being ineffective. How often we fail to see that the one we have has all the warts of other systems, that payor source has little to do with it.

Also I know in some countries there would be complaints about the lack of American customer service. We fail to see the lack of "customer service" in some of our systems, too.

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