Saturday, June 21, 2008

Neighborhood Adventures

Life continues in the neighborhood providing unexpected moments. The umbrella appeared on Sunday. About 10 PM on Saturday a severe thunderstorm hit the neighborhood. It didn't seem as exciting as the ones I had experienced in Lincoln about one month ago. However, Sunday morning I looked out the window and wondered what was in my driveway. I put my glasses on and that didn't help either. All I could see was a metal shaft and a green triangle and a beige triangle. I pulled on a robe and went out and discovered it was a large umbrella. I turned it around as pictured. After I was dressed and ready to face the day I went walking in the alley until I saw a patio set that looked like it matched. I knocked on the door and asked if an umbrella was missing -- and was lucky to find the right household on the first try.

The school picture comes from just up the street. I came home one day and saw the children all involved in building the structures. I couldn't quite figure out what they were doing. Today I was walking along and noticed a girl and her mother out with a hose. Ah, the children are growing vegetables and flowers. The frames are for what looks like their squash crop. Good idea to have kids in the 21st century learn a bit more about where food comes from.

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