Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Adventures

Sometime no adventures is the best adventure. My flight from MSP to Amsterdam was just fine, and I found the connection to Warsaw with a minimum of trouble. The driver from the B&B was waiting for me. I got into the B& B about 6 PM Warsaw time, 14 hours of travel altogether. They made me a nice cup of expresso and then I went to my room and crashed out. The only thing that has gone wrong is that I managed to soak up a nightgown with shampoo that got crushed during the transit. I had a second one and washing the first one was easy.

It's hot in Warsaw. Feels very humid. Yesterday afternoon was 85 and think today is working on the same. I'm going to sight see for bit and then go crash out in the room again. First, I'll stop across the street and buy more water and a Big Milk, one of my favorite ice cream bars.

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