Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Physical Therapy Adventure

In the last posting I wrote about our 2015 Disney trip I noted I started to have a muscle or hip problem on the right side. On the Thursday after we got home I was at the orthopedic office. After X-rays, interview, and exams I left with a diagnosis of hip flexor strain. I went to Mr. Google and found this is a common injury for soccer (futbol) players. I was sent to physical therapy.

On Monday last week I saw the physical therapist for a complete evaluation of the problem. At the end she did an ultrasound treatment on the affected area. She explained the office was totally booked up for the remainder of the week, so sent me home with exercises to do and referral to a different therapist -- since the one I saw first was going on vacation herself.

So I'm back from the third physical appointment with even more exercises to do at home. Again at both appointments I received another ultrasound treatment. Today the therapist also did very deep massage on the affected muscles. I asked what was the physiological effect of the ultrasound treatments and learned the sound waves stimulate blood circulation and then subsequent healing.

I've been quite faithful about doing the exercises. April 1 is coming when I have plans to get out and start doing Volksmarches again. And my first Poland trip is coming up at the end of April.

Wish me luck!

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