Saturday, March 14, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 -- Day 6

We didn’t wake up until about 8:00 AM. The weather outside was very cool and rainy. We decided we would have a slow morning. We ate the muffins and drank the orange juice we had purchased last evening. We also have been enjoying having a coffee in our room. For years the coffee at Disney was terrible. Finally it is possible to get good coffee blends.

We started out about noon. My daughter was wearing a T-shirt and her Tinkerbell sweat shirt. I decided it was cool enough to wear my winter coat. But by the time we had walked through the outdoor hallway towards the bus stop we knew we needed our rain ponchos too. 

Our plan was to take the bus to Hollywood Studios and from there take the boat that would put us at the International Gateway for EPCOT.  We watched buses for everywhere else go by twice and no Hollywood Studios. We finally got on a bus to EPCOT and I told the driver that the Hollywood Studios bus had been missing. At the Bus Stop 4 the driver walked back and told us that the Hollywood Studios bus was behind, so we changed buses. 

As we pulled into Hollywood Studios we could see the boat at the dock, but we didn’t make it in time. However, we waited only about 10 minutes for the next one and we also were under a roof so we were protected from the rain. 

We left the boat at the International Gateway and walked directly, through a downpour of rain, to France. I was also beginning to notice some pain in my right leg.

I asked at the Chefs de France restaurant if we could have lunch without a reservation. Yes!!! We both had lobster bisque which was accompanied by a warm baguette.

On a cold rainy day warm soup and warm bread are simply wonderful! Our second course was ham and cheese quiche with a green salad. We got different desserts. I had a creme brulee and my daughter chose  profiteroles au chocolat. 

After lunch we saw the film, Impressions of France. From there we walked through a downpour and lots of puddles to the American pavilion. There we enjoyed a new musical group, High Pockets.
 While this jazz quartet was playing we had fun watching two little ones –perhaps 3 years old – dancing with the music. Then we went into the theater to see the presentation, American Adventure. I always like this show. 

After this we walked just next door and shared an orange Fanta.
Then we walked to the boat stop by Morocco and were lucky enough to get right on a boat. Across the lake we left the boat and started to walk to Canada. We found this topiary on our way that is shown below.

The Canadian pavilion has a garden modeled after the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. Even on a rainy day the garden was beautiful.
 We enjoyed the video about Canada. As we were leaving we noticed a workman taking the curtains off an outdoor stage. All day such shows had been shut down due to the rainstorm. We stopped and in a few minutes the Canada Lumberjacks show started. This is a new show at EPCOT, so we were excited to see it.
What fun. The lumberjacks threw axes towards a target. Next they used saws to cut timber as shown below. And finally they did log-rolling.

We then walked back through the International Parkway and boarded a boat. We got off at Boardwalk and walked to the bus stop. The Magic Kingdom bus came first so we got on and rode it there. We exited on Bus Stop 10 and had only to walk to Bus Stop 11. Soon we were back to Coronado Springs.
We went to El Centro and stopped at the Pepper Market for a cheeseburger. With the Dining Plan we also are entitled to dessert and a beverage. We chose Rice Krispy bars and orange juice with the idea of making those things breakfast.
Back in our room we spent some time hanging up all the wet clothing. I also noticed the muscles in my upper right thigh were rock hard, but I couldn't lift that leg off the bed.

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