Saturday, March 14, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 -- Day 7

We woke up around 8 AM and we could tell the day seemed a bit brighter than for most of the rest of the last week. We ate our Rice Krispy bars and enjoyed orange juice and coffee along with them.  When we were ready to go we grabbed the first bus that arrived and went to El Centro to make an appointment with Bell Services to pick up our luggage tomorrow. Then back to the bus stop and the Hollywood Studios bus was right there. Thus, we arrived there about 9:30 or so. 

Our first destination was to see the preview of the Cinderella movie that is coming out on March 13.  We loved the preview, but no pictures of this. The announcements were very clear – no pictures, no videos – they want to keep it a secret. 

Then we walked back to the Fast Pass + area and made arrangements for the rest of our day.We needed to wait about 30 minutes or so for our first Fast Pass, so we sat down where there tables and chairs. My right leg was hurting!  

Our first Fast Pass was for The Voyage of the Mermaid. 

We had not seen this show for a very long time. We enjoyed it. 

We then walked to the area for the Beauty and the Beast show and sat down by the Anaheim Produce kiosk. We shared a bottle of water and each of us had pineapple cups.We were glad to have a Fast Pass for this show because after everyone was seated it was a full house. The weather had turned from cold and cloudy to hot and humid, so we were glad to sit in the shade rather than stand in a line. 

We again enjoyed this show. 

Then it was time for a long walk to the other side of the park. We arrived a bit early for the next Fast Pass so we sat on a bench for about 20 minutes. 

Then it was time for the Frozen Sing-along. Again it was a full house and so it was very good that we again had a Fast Pass.
What a fun show this was. Anna came on stage and started to look for her sister, now Queen Elsa. 

While she was looking “historians” arrived to tell the story. They were really funny. And as the story reached to a point where a song was part of the story all the audience sang the song. Seated next to me was a large man, probably in his 40s, built like he could be a defensive guard for a football team -- I was astonished to discover he knew every word of every song. 

And the historians were funny. When the ice harvester appeared on stage, the historian said, "Ladies I think we need a Fast Pass for this. 

 We noticed at both the Beauty and the Beast and Frozen shows that there were two people doing sign language. My daughter has a great deal of trouble speaking so she uses a lot of sign language so we enjoyed watching the sign language. 
The picture above was taken during the Let It Go song.

Now it was 3:30 and it was definitely time for lunch. We went to Pizza Planet and of course had pizza. Because we were using the Dining Plan we also got dessert. We chose chocolate chip cookies knowing we could eat those at another time. And again these ended up making the trip home on the airplane and got eaten in Minnesota! 

Our final adventure of the day was The Great Movie Ride. 

We liked this too. I had read that it is being re-designed but I didn't see any signs of that yet. 

Then we took the long walk to the bus and when we were about 50 feet away, the Coronado Springs bus pulled away. This time we weren’t lucky; the driver did not stop for us. I thought we were going to have to stand there for 20 minutes. There wasn’t a bench in sight and that didn't didn't please me because the sore leg. But luck was with us – another bus arrived for Coronado Springs in about 5 minutes. 

We rode it to El Centro and went to Café Rix. We each got a cup of gelato and filled our mugs with soda. I bought two yogurt parfaits for us to eat later because my daughter said she would be hungry later. We waited less than 5 minutes for the bus back to the bus stop by our room.

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