Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 -- Day 3

We woke up about 8:00 AM and started our day with showers and coffee in the room.We went to El Centro and went to the Pepper Market for breakfast. We had breakfast sandwiches and orange juice. Then we took the bus to EPCOT. 

Our first stop was the Universe of Energy. 

 After this show we decided to walk to the World Showcase. Our first stop was Mexico. We did the Gran Fiesta ride. Continuing around the circle we found not much is happening in Norway now. It is being remodeled to be Arendelle so it can be headquarters for Frozen. However, it is a good place for a coffee break. We shared the chocolate pretzel.

Then we walked to China. We saw the film, Reflections of China. We had to wait a few minutes for the film and before seeing it the person who introduced it explained the pavilion is a reproduction of a 14th century temple found in China. Walking in I realized I had never before looked up and noticed how beautiful is the dome.

Then we walked over to the boat dock and took it back to Future World. From there we walked to the Seas Building. We did the Finding Nemo ride. 

We walked next to the Coral Reef Restaurant. We had a fine late luncheon. We were seated very near the aquarium window. We saw all kinds of fish and also sea turtles – and one human. 

Following luncheon we went to the Talking Turtle Show. I don't know how Crush sees the audience; I enjoy particularly his wry sense of humor.

Next my daughter wanted to ride the monorail, so we exited the park and took the monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there we took a second monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Then we walked to the bus stop for our resort and arrived back there shortly for a rest. 

At 7:00 we went back to the bus stop and took a bus to El Centro. First I went to the Concierge and made some plans for Friday night. Then I asked for another copy of the reservation for our lunch with Pooh tomorrow. What a surprise—the computer said we were to have been there today, even though I had asked for Thursday. The person who helped us on Sunday night had made a typing error. The Concierge helped us get a reservation actually for tomorrow, Thursday. My daugher  was happy because she really wanted to see Pooh at lunch. And I was happy when a few days later the bill arrived and found we had not been charged for being a no-show on Wednesday. 

We went to Café Rix and got yogurt parfaits and filled our drink mugs. Then we went back to our room and we both crashed again in bed. I told my daughter in the next morning that she had kept me awake with her snoring!

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