Friday, March 6, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 -- Day 1

After our late delivery of luggage -- see the previous post -- we slept in a bit late. We decided to go directly to Animal Kingdom and have breakfast there. So we were off to Bus Stop #3 and soon arrived at Animal Kingdom.

We walked slowly towards Pizzafari, our choice for breakfast.

My daughter particularly liked to see the parrots.

 We arrived at Pizzafari and enjoyed breakfast. Then we began to walk towards Africa.

We stumbled upon a performance by the Tam Tam Dancers of Harambe, and enjoyed their music.

We found we had to wait only 10 minutes for the Safari ride. Again we enjoyed it very much.

Our safari driver said we were lucky to see the bongos (shown above) because they were called the ghosts of the forest.

I always learn something on the safari ride. This time I learned that a group of hippos are called a bloat. I think that is a great word!

I also like to see the zebras.

 Next we rode the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch. Once there we saw an exhibit about the cotton-top tamarind monkeys. They live only in Colombia and since my daughter was born in Colombia she was thrilled to learn about this. Disney Conservation is working to save these monkeys from the illegal pet trade.

Back in Africa we went to the Festival of the Lion King. We did not have a Fast Pass for this. However, we were able to wait in a sheltered place and because we were almost the first ones in the Stand-by line we were able to have a front row seat. I think we ended up with better seats than if we had a Fast Pass.

We really enjoyed the show as always.

By now we were running out of energy due to the late night before. We decided to go back to our resort.

We both took a nap.

About 3:30 we headed off for the Magic Kingdom.

This view always makes me think I'm really at Disney World.

We rode the steam train around the park. Then we went to Tony's Town Square Restaurant for our supper. I had the cannelloni stuffed with ground beef and sausage. It was very good.

My daughter really enjoyed her strawberry sorbet for her dessert.

After our meal we went to ride the People Mover. Then we went back to the Main Street bakery and got coffee latte and sat down on the curb to wait for Electric Parade.

Here are a couple photos from that.

We then decided to go back to the resort. The previous late night got the best of us.

Leaving the Magic Kingdom here was our view of the train station.

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