Sunday, March 8, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 -- Day 2

We were tired and slept quite late. I can see now that my children are adults we are using a whole different schedule than when they were young! We got to El Centro about 11:00 looking for breakfast. However, the Pepper Market we found is closed between 11:00 - 11:30 while it turns over from breakfast to lunch. Cafe Rix was open though and we got orange juice and muffins and went to sit down at a table in the sunshine by the lake.

Then we went to the bus stop waiting for a bus to EPCOT.

While there I noticed the nearby palms were apparently in bloom.

We waited and waited for a bus to EPCOT,  and finally decided to take one to the Magic Kingdom and ride the monorail from there.

We arrived there and used the ferry boat to cross to the Ticket and Transportation Center.

Then it was up the ramp to the EPCOT monorail. A train pulled in and the driver got out and said, "No loading." Soon a public address announcement told us some maintenance was needed on this train and we would be away in about 5 minutes. Well, to make a long story short -- after waiting 25 minutes we gave up and went down the ramp and up the Resort Monorail. As we left on the Resort Line I could see all the other waiting passengers were being sent away too. Glad we started out for a different plan.

By this time it had changed from sunshine to rain and we didn't have our raincoats for I had no idea we would be needing them when we left our room about two hours earlier.

On the Resort Line I found it would stop at the Contemporary Hotel, so we got out and went to shop and plunked down the money for the raincoats. Then we went down to the bus stop for this resort and waited until an EPCOT bus arrived.

When we pulled into EPCOT I said to my daughter, "We finally got here." The woman across the aisle said, "Yes, it's been like the Amazing Race."

Our first ride was on Spaceship Earth. Even at this time in the afternoon we had to wait in a moving line for about 15 minutes. I was very surprised about just how crowded the parks were on the first days of our visit.

I noticed the script has been changed for this ride to make it more understandable for the computer/smart phone age. For example we stopped for a few seconds by the scene showing Jewish and Muslim scholars at study after the Roman library at Alexandria was burned. The voice over called these scholars the "first back-up system."

Near the end of the ride one answers questions about how one wishes to live in the future. My daughter answered the questions but my face was captured for the picture.

The muffin was long gone so we went to the Electric Umbrella and got a bite of lunch.

Our next stop was the Land building. The ride includes a trip through the greenhouses. I was surprised this time to see orchids in the green house.

I was even more surprised when it was explained that one can eat these orchids.

Now we walked to the big gift shop looking for some socks. My daughter was wearing some new shoes and the socks her group home packed were too thick for these shoes. But no luck.

We observed the monorail was running again so we exited the park and took the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center. When arriving there we found the rain was coming down and we needed to put on the rain coats. We took the Resort Monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then took a boat to the Wilderness Lodge.

We stopped first at Roaring Forks to have a beverage break. Then we went to the gift shop in the lodge and found socks.

Soon it was time for our supper reservation at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. We were seated at a lovely table by a fireplace. This was a lovely place on a cool, rainy evening. I pulled out my camera to take a picture and found the lens was extended out as far it would go and it was acting dead, dead, dead. I was quite upset.

We had a lovely supper. By the end of it I decided to try something. I pulled the battery out of the camera and then reinserted it again. That solved the camera problem.

Once done with supper we went to the bus stop for this resort and took a bus to Downtown Disney. Then we found the bus back to Coronado Springs.

When we arrived at the room, the door lock looked funny. It had printing all over the area where one was to touch the Magic Band. I called the hotel front desk to tell them something was wrong. They were sending out someone to help us. But I tried the Magic Band and the door opened. Once in the room the desk phone quickly rang and the operator was acting if we were safe. I assured her we had gotten into the room.

The next morning I opened the door to check the weather and found the lock over lying on the ground. Just couldn't see it in the dark.

So this ends our day when many things went wrong!

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