Friday, March 13, 2015

Disney Adventure 2015 - Day 4

Wow! a 10.5 hour day at the Magic Kingdom. We got to the bus stop about 8:00 and arrived at the Magic Kingdom about 8:30. It was an Extra Magic morning so we went right in. We took a long, long walk to the Dumbo ride. This is one of my daughter's favorite rides and I thought we should do this while the lines were short. We did it twice for the lines were very short.

Then we went to the Mad Tea Party and rode the tea cups. It has been years since I've been on this ride.

I also suggested it would be good to do the Pooh ride, too, while the lines were short.

By now our tummies were hungry so we went to Gaston’s Tavern. My daughter got an orange juice, I got coffee, and we shared one of the big cinnamon rolls. 

 As can be seen the cinnamon roll is huge and easily can be shared by two people.

After our coffee break we went to the Small World ride.

Our next ride was on the Liberty Belle. 
 This is always a very pleasant ride.

Now it was getting time to head toward the Crystal Palace for my daughter's Pooh adventure. When my daughter was five years old we went to Disney World for the first time. At that time, while this may be hard to believe compared to how things are done now, one hardly saw characters. One day, right by the train station we met Pooh, and Pooh has been her favorite ever since.

As we were cutting through an arcade we came across a Fast Pass+ station so we got some Fast Passes for the afternoon. 

Then off we went to the Crystal Palace and she met all her friends.My favorite picture turned out to be the one of she and Tigger. 

The food was good too. Our server had a name tag that said she was Cali, Colombia.My daughter was born in Colombia so she is always happy to meet someone from that country.

We had time after our Pooh Adventure to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. We were in line about 25 minutes for this ride and saw all the little alcoves that have been created to keep us interested as we wander through the lines.  

Our next ride was the Jungle Cruise. We had a fast pass for this so we got on quite quickly.  

When done with this ride we walked through to Frontier Land and found a good place to watch the afternoon parade. 

Then we took a long walk to Tomorrow Land. We thought we would ride the People Mover again, but it was stopped for maintenance. So we took a beverage break for a few minutes.

Our next destination was the Peter Pan ride. Again we had a Fast Pass so our wait was short.

After this ride we walked to the Pinocchio Village Haus for supper. We got flat bread pizza. On the dining plan we also were entitled to two desserts. We got chocolate ice cream and shared that and decided to take the second dessert, a piece of chocolate cake, back to our room. (I actually ended up eating this after we got home. It was a well-traveled piece of chocolate cake.)

Then we took the long walk through the park back to the bus stop. We could see the bus to our resort sitting there. We were still about 50 feet away when it began to pull away. I waved at the driver and oh good luck! The driver stopped and waited for us to catch up. We were really dragging when we got back to our hotel!

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