Friday, June 5, 2009

Adventures at Auto Service

I spent the afternoon at the auto service and finally solved some problems. During the past year the tire on the driver's side continued to lose air all the time. Last Saturday it was carefully checked and found to be OK. Today we finally solved the problem. The wheel rim is bent.Then my brain clicked in. That's why this problem has appeared after 6 years of no problems. This is a left over from the time someone backed into the driver's side of the car and thoroughly crashed it. As the service man said, "No one would think to look at the inside of the tire."

I went primarily because the oil light was coming on everytime the RPM fell below 1000. Ah, it was a switch problem. Oh, how nice it was to drive home without the bing, bing, bing of the oil light everytime I had to stop or drive slowly.

Then the service man came out and said the car was running rough. Yes, I know. That's when the problem was diagnosed as bad spark plugs and poor ignition cables. Fixing this solved a problem I've been complaining about for about 18 months. The car was becoming hard to start and battery light always came on when starting the car. I'm poorer on the debit card, but this is like having a new car again.

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