Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traveling Adventures

Photos appear backward -- Curious wall art in Warsaw
Sandwich presentation on KLM plane
Sunrise colors
About 20 minutes before I left home, the signs to sell my house were posted. (Today, June 25 my agent tells me she has two showings for the property.) I walked up to the #23 bus. I like this one for it has a layover, and so there is no rush to get the luggage on the bus. The bus driver asked me if I was running away. Since the For sale signs just went up, I told him yes. When he found out it was Poland, he told me his parents met in Chicago, found they were both from Warsaw. They would like to return, but he thinks since they are in their 80s, the trip would be too difficult. I agreed that a long plane ride with a significant time shift could be challenge. He said, "No, the food." I laughed and told him the food in Poland was better than ours. He waa shocked. People still carry the old images of the post WWII and Communist days.

My next adventure begins at the airport. I observed the escort service to bring a blind woman to the Northwest gate desk. Since we were 90 minutes away from flight time, no one was there. She was wearing a heavy back pack. I walked over and asked if she was would like to sit with me until someone came to the desk. I learned she grew up in Iowa just like me, but had lived in Norway for the past 30 years. We had a very nice visit, got her escort arranged for the plane boarding. When I got on I found her in the row ahead of me. I surely enjoyed meeting her.

We ended up leaving 2 hours late due to "breaker" problem, but other than that the flight was uneventful. Because it is so close to mid-summer, and we were flying very far north, there really was no true darkness. The colors of the sunset and the sunrise were magnificent.

The delay at the beginning meant I really needed to move along in Amseterdam. I got to the Warsaw flight just as the boarding began. We were served little cheese sandwiches in a very classy package.

Found Warsaw to be cool and rainy. My driver said another guest was shortly expected, so he fixed me up with a cup of tea in the coffee shop. Shortly a guest from Texas arrived, and we were off to the B & B. It seems like home now.

I went across the street to the shop and got orange juice and yogurt. Came back and had a snack and then settled down for a nap. About 5 PM I got up and went out to supper. I had spinach tortelli with prosciutto(spelled wrong!) in cream sauce, along with a glass of my favorite black currant juice. Poor food indeed!!!

Up and down night, since my bio clock is all mixed up. Went to breakfast about 9:30 AM and then off to get my train ticket for tomorrow. Look for more news when I hit the wireless in Zakopane on Saturday or Sunday.

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Jonah said...

Congratulations on your arrival! Good luck with the time change.