Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adventures with Free Market

I'm cleaning things out of the garage in preparation for moving. One item left is a compost bin, still in the box. What to do with that? Last night while looking at Ramsey County Public Health web site about recycling and reusing, I found the Twin Cities Free Market. I posted this on the Free Market web site. When I got up this morning I had 11 new e-mails asking about this. By 2 PM I had a total of 25. Meanwhile I had gone to the one with the earliest date and time and contacted this person. She arrived at 3:30 PM to pick this up from my house. I had to answer the other e-mail explaining the item was gone and go to the Free Market web site and remove the item. Other than that, this was a very easy way to move something out of the garage into good use.

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