Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unplanned Adventures

I got up at 5 AM this morning, did some packing and then tackled the garage. By 9 AM I had it all swept out and had things packed up that had to go to hazardous waste. However, upon checking I found that hazardous waste didn't open until 11 AM and I was due to pick up my friend at 11:30. I started on e-mail instead and found Global Volunteers didn't have one of the necessary forms. I tried over and over to get into its extranet without success.

I picked up my friend and took him to a liquor store for more wine shopping, then to a grocery store where he could do some food shopping and also use the ATM. Then we went to where he though he was to pick up his car. After some running around we found we were totally in the wrong place. So we took about 20 minute drive to the right place. At last he got his car and started on the next leg of his trip to eastern Wisconsin.

Then I hit my car service place to see that was the reason a diagnostic light had come on. Didn't like the answer. It's a malfunctioning computer. I have to go back tomorrow again and the check will need to be in the four figures! Ugh!!

I came back home and picked up my dry cleaning, so that is done. Got keys made for the realator. On Friday I sign the documents to put things on sale. Found out I have to have city inspection, so there goes another $150.

On Saturday, I'm going to go look at an apartment. Suddenly that seems like a better choice than buying somethng this fall.

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