Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mundane Adventures

Yesterday I took another load to the Goodwill and then took a cooler, a cash box, and a hand cart to Mano a Mano. There I relieved the packing room from some excess bubble wrap.

I finished another module for the online course I'm creating and decided to go to the laundromat to wash some rugs. While there I ran into a woman I've met at church. We've eaten dinner together at least three times on what we call Wellspring Wednesdays. Every time she asks my name, but last night she started out with, "how do you I know you, from the coffee shop?" I can remember her name and where she works. I must not be memorable.

Then I headed over to work and returned books to both the university and public library. I went into the office and signed some papers to keep activities moving along. I made a copy of an independent study course for which I'll be the evaluator. I'll take the copy along with me so that if this student has questions or concerns while I'm in Poland, I'll have a ready reference. Thankfully this course runs 140 days from time of registration, so I don't have to finish it up before I return. I scored a good packing box, too, while standing at the office mailboxes.

Next I went to another building where my office is. I left a six inch stack of papers, mostly journal articles I've been using for this course. That's a pile out of the house. I found another box, too. Boxes are important when one is trying to move. Now with the Mano a Mano bubble wrap I'm in business again for packing.

I headed to Culver's to eat a sandwich. There I was approached by a woman desperately asking me if I had anything to fix a tire. She explained her car was on the nearby freeway with a nail in a tire; that she had one hour to get it off the road before it was towed. We went to a hardware store and they had nothing to help her. I gave her all the cash I had -- $14.00, and said that was all I could do.

I stoppped at Target and found a pump to add air to a tire. That will help me with my recurrent low tire problem -- we now know this problem is due to having my car damaged with a collision. I'm sure the tire will be flat when I come home from home Poland. Now I can pump it up myself. I'll rest easier a lot of nights in Poland knowing I have this tool now.

Clicking off tasks one at a time.

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