Saturday, June 13, 2009

Steps Towards Adventures

Tomorrow a friend is flying in from California to spend a few days here. And of course on June 23 I'm leaving for Poland, so every day remains intense.

This morning I finished the final module for the new course I will be teaching in the fall. It was a delight to send all 39 pages off to Online Learning to turn into html code! I have yet to finish the syllabus for this course. This evening I worked on revisions for another online course I'll be teaching in the fall. I have everything done for that except for the revision of one module. All this work must be done now because I'm returning from Poland 36 hours before our fall semester starts. I don't want to be spending my time in Poland doing this work.

I went and got a manicure. My nails were really beat up with the combination of keyboarding and the fetching and toting for getting ready to move. Then I went to a car wash new to me and got a super-duper car wash so I'm ready for driving about a guest. When I left the car wash some sort of warning light came on. I drove up to work, about one mile, parked and got out the manual to see what the problem was. The advice was that sign meant something might be loose, and if the problem didn't resolve itself by, for example, tightening the gas cap, to seek assistance. Oh swell! Just what I need in the midst of a few intense days. I completed my work and errands around work, problem solving all the time about when I might be able to get into the car service shop. On my way home, I had to slam on the brakes suddenly to avoid hitting a car, and wow! the light went out. What a good way to solve a problem.

Suddenly it looks possible to get most of the tasks done before I leave!

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