Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

I did some walking more in the business area of the city to learn how things are laid out, to plan for when I arrive back in Warsaw in mid-July. I visited St. Alexander's Church, a new one to me. Its design is based on the Pantheon. The rounded ceiling is covered with rows and rows of flower designs. I marveled at the variety and also the math that was needed to design each row to get smaller as it moved towards the summit. I thought this church is small enough that it feels like a place one could really worship and feel like one belonged. Then I walked across the street and got an iced coffee. I pulled out the guidebook and found that originally this church was cathedral size and was dedicated to Alexander of Russia when he was also king of Poland. After WWII it was restored only to this small size. I was right about its feeling. It is highly sought for weddings.

It was hot and humid! I was ever so grateful when I reached the Hotel Jan Soebieski, the place I'll stay upon my return. I went into the cafe for lunch. Oh,the lack of prepositions in Polish produce some interesting translations. I ordered potato and zucchini pancakes with smoked trout and Balkan yogurt. Well, the dish that came was a complete filet of smoked trout on a pancake with a side of yogurt garnished with sprouts. It was beautiful, it was delicious! In English we would feature the trout, not the pancake. My waiter gave me elegant service, but when I ordered he said, "Is that all?" One can see that the serving is quite enough.

But I had room for dessert. This is Pear Charlotte. It also was delicious, and notice of the garnish of chocolate lattice.

Almost decided to take a taxi back to the B&B, but the halfway destination didn't look to far. 30 minutes later I wished I had grabbed a taxi. The streets are busy, and so the crossings are done in tunnels under the street-- up and down stairs, through tunnels.

I was glad when I found my favorite Coffee Heaven. I needed a rest. And thankful cold drinks are making their way to Poland-- Central Europe has a traditional aversion to cold drinks. I ordered a Pina Colada, non-alcholic since this is a coffee shop not a bar. I did fine in Polish until the question of here or take away. In response to my blank look, the barista changed to English.

Rainy evening. I completed a form that Hungary Fulbright asked for just on Monday before my leaving. So I have only two work tasks left to accomplish now. I curled up in my duvet and read a book. Now it's midnight Polish time, but only 4 PM by my clock and I'm wide awake.

Got word my real estate agent is showing the property to three more buyers, and also I'm totally approved for the apartment to which I'll be moving.

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Mar said...

Yippie!!! Im glad you got some buyers looking at the house.