Monday, December 24, 2012

Beautiful Night in the Neighood

To paraphrase Mr. Rogers, it's a beautiful night in the neighborhood. My older daughter and I drove around a bit last night about bit to see the nearby lights and take some photos to share with you.

By the way on December 24, the number of readers for this blog crossed 24,000 and new country for readers -- Venezuela -- popped up, too.

Very close is the Forepaugh House, now operated as a restaurant.

Close by is the hospice operated by the Little Sisters of the Poor. I see the hospice building up on the bluff from my apartment. The nativity scene below is by the home for the Sisters.

Next I spotted a lovely wreath on a building for a tattoo parlor!

I have been admiring the lights along West Seventh Street. The fence is lined with blue lights on one side while the trees on the other side have red lights.

We headed for Rice Parks and I drove around the blocks several time before being able to find a parking place for a few minutes. The musical Elf was finishing its run at the Ordway Center.

Here is the large tree in Rice Park. This is a donated tree -- coming from a yard where it must be removed for some reason.

The surrounding trees are in white lights.

These trees will remain lighted until the end of Winter Carnival in late January.

The Lawson Building features a candle.

On the way home we came by the District Heating office - I always like this view in the winter.

Hope you enjoyed a view of my neighborhood!

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