Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Out to Mall of America

I have an important social event coming up in January -- one that landed unexpectedly on my schedule after I made lots of other plans. I need a pair of shoes to wear for this event, so decided today to head to Nordstrom's at the Mall of America. It obviously is the Christmas shopping season. Prior experience plus stories recently about people driving around the parking ramp for 30 minutes before finding a space gave me the idea to take the bus and then the train to the Mall.

Found that HGTV has arrived at the Mall.

The space was very quiet today -- no designers doing day presentations. Picked up the schedule and will try to get back the weekend after Christmas to see the Property Brothers!
Huge trees have been installed in the central rotunda. There are three light shows a day, too, but my timing was wrong for everything.

I had to look twice at this wreath.

 It's made from paint brushes!

Continued on through Nickelodeon Universe, the amusement park in the center of the mall.

This are is decorated with very modern decorations.

The Mall decorations this year are very understated. Just large Christmas balls.

Good afternoon and oh, where did I end up shoe shopping -- at the Flip Flop store! Don't need Jimmy Choo shoes that cost $442, even for a social event!

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