Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card World

I had a morning meeting and then stopped at Target for some shopping. By the time I was coming home the sun had popped out. Yet the world was so beautiful from yesterday's snowfall -- no wind to blow the snow off the trees and not enough sun yet to melt the snow. So I decided to take a bit of side trip through nearby Irvine Park.

The views within the park were definitely stereotypical Christmas card views.

The cloud-like structure behind the tree is actually steam coming out of the District Heating plant. The temperature at this time was about 12 degrees ( -11 C).

The idea of Christmas cards is further re-enforced by the Victorian style houses that surround this charming little park.

But the lamp post clinches the idea of a Christmas card.

 By the way when I was coming home from Polish class tonight the temperature had dropped to 2 degrees (something like -16 C). Brr!

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