Sunday, December 30, 2012

Property Brothers Adventure

Yesterday I clicked off several things on my to-do list, and only about 8 PM in the evening did I remember I had intended to go to the Mall of America to see the Property Brothers. Pulled out the schedule and found I had one more chance.

I left home around noon. Last evening I had checked all the Sunday bus schedules rather thinking about going via bus and train. Should have, for I drove around the parking ramp about the same amount of time it had taken me to drive to the Mall.

Went to the HGTV area and inquired. Found I needed to get a wrist band to be admitted for the Property Brothers segment.

 Did a bit of shopping and then stopped for a coffee. At the same time I was in the coffee line, an HGTV staff person appeared. He was busy telling the coffee staff that people were in line for wrist bands at 10:30 ! The crowd was even more than they had expected after the experience yesterday.

Got in line and waited.

The afternoon event began with the light show.

The brothers appeared and talked for about 45 minutes and then took some Twitter questions as well as spoken questions from the audience. It was quite interesting, and I didn't find standing up all the time too troublesome.

People were standing too all around the rotunda.

Then we all had the chance to have a photo.

The guys are obviously at least a foot taller than me!

In line behind me was a father with a boy about 7 years old. The young boy couldn't see the stage during the presentation; he was so very quiet. His father said he first starting watching Property Brothers, but now his son watches more than he does.

Fun afternoon, like going to see a rock star!

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