Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like .....

Winter! A snowstorm blew in last evening and the snow has been coming down all day. I went to 9 AM church and was really glad to get home. By the time I returned there was probably about 4 inches of snow and that made coming down all the hills a bit breath -taking, particularly when a pedestrian decided to walk out in front of me, walking against the light.

I took a walk about 3:30 PM to see how the world now looked. The snow was still coming down and the sky was cloudy; thus the photos are not very bright. 
Here's how the fence looks along the ramp entrance to my building.

I enjoyed seeing how the trees looked with this wet snow.

No one will soaking up the sun on these benches for awhile.

Someone had made a snowman.

And I really liked this fence design.

These stairs show how deep is the snow.

 The snow has capped the fire hydrant. The red stakes outline the sidewalk so the person clearing the walk knows where it is.

Someone had tried to decorate this tree. The Christmas balls look a bit strange because of how the snow is clinging to them.

And here's a scene right out of a Dickens' Christmas story.

So now the big dig-out begins!

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