Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breakfast Adventure

This morning I decided to try a new restaurant. It's the Daily Diner.

 It is part of a new building on the corner of University Avenue and Dale Street. This corner will be a stop on the light rail when it opens next year. The building has retail on the ground floor, including this restaurant, with affordable housing rate apartments on the upper floor.

The Daily Diner is unique because it is a collaboration between Union Gospel Mission and the Twin Cities hospitality industry. It is designed to provide job training for jobless/homeless persons to help them gain employment within the restaurant industry.

The decor is very attractive.

As one can see from the first photo, the walls along the street are large windows. It is light and airy, and so clean that one could eat off the floors.

The photo above shows some of the detail in the ceiling. I didn't realize that the graphic on the wall said Frogtown until I took this photo. Sitting there looking at it, I didn't see the word jump out like that. This area of St. Paul is called Frogtown. I've heard several explanations for this and don't know which one to believe, so I'll not offer an explanation!

Here's my breakfast. I can't complain about the amount of food! The omelet would have been better had someone used just a bit of salt. The diner features Parmesan Hashbrowns. I found I really didn't like them, so it will be easy to diet during future visits to the diner. The toast was wonderful -- I'll go back for that alone. The bread is cranberry wild rice.
The coffee was good, the service was very good, and the price was right. I'll give this place other chances -- maybe try lunch sometime.

I'm off to Jamaica tomorrow for the Fulbright Academy Global Health Summit, so I expect to have a few more breakfast adventures during the next few days. Not taking my computer with me, so this blog will be silent for a few days.

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