Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monday in Jamaica -- the day I did nothing!

The conference's tentative schedule showed meetings on this day, so I made plane reservations to go home on Tuesday. Then when the final schedule came out, it ended on Sunday. Our conference program had information about tours, but none of them appealed to me. Thus I had a day during which I had nothing to do. Can't remember the last time that happened.

I had a late breakfast and then did a bit of beach walking.

The beach at the hotel is protected by two jetties, placed about 1 kilometer apart. I had walked out on this one earlier in my stay, but lacked the camera that day.

The rocks seemed quite unusual; I realized I know nothing about the geology of the Caribbean area.

From the end of the jetty one gets a view of the mountains.

The winds were keeping the boats on shore.

The palm tree blowing in the wind exposes the developing coconuts.

I had an early lunch of jerked pork, again eating at the Seaside Grill.

In mid-afternoon, I went for a snack.

I really was just thinking of eating a bite of something chocolate, but when I found the steamed pumpkin, i decided to try that too.

I found two conference participants on the terrace. One pointed out to me that we were on the same flight to Atlanta the next day and asked if I wished to share a taxi. After talking for awhile, we went for supper as soon as the restaurant opened, for the other two had missed lunch due to some touring they had done.

I tried lots of things -- nasberry, star fruit, and Jamaican apples.

The day ended as usual with musical performances on the terrace. I surely enjoyed this dancing group.

Doing nothing is OK once in awhile too!

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