Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walking in York

I've been working on my USA A-Z walks and that's what brought me to York, NE to get Y.  I did this walk with a friend, a most unusual activity for me, because I usually walk alone. That made 10K go by very quickly, but I find on the other hand, that I didn't take very many pictures.

We arrived at York about mid-day, in fact started out around 12 Noon, perfect weather for a walk.

By mistake we missed a corner to 2nd Street, but then after another block my friend looked left and said, "That's a great restaurant." Consulting our maps we found we could turn on 6th Street and end up at much the same place. After walking a bit, we were glad for this mistake because  it took us down a street of huge, beautiful old homes.

There were many, many and this one took my eye because of the blue, which is one of my favorite colors. (After returning home we did a search on the Internet trying to understand the source of the wealth that built these houses, mostly during the first  years of the 20th century. All we could determine is that once York had many small manufacturing companies -- perhaps that created the wealth.)

Nearby I found a beautiful fence with a spring garden surrounding it.

I also liked this sculpture in front of the public library. It reminded me of a similar sculpture in Chanhassen, MN. (See April posts for walking in Chanhassen.)

Our walk took us around a city park also displaying spring flowers.

 Then we entered the York College campus.

The new copper roof on the Prayer Chapel looked stunning against the clouds.

Our walk then literally took us out into the country. We walked about 4K on farm roads and then found ourselves at the county fair grounds. Benches under trees were a welcome sight! We enjoyed a bit of rest here.

A few more steps brought us to the 4-H Building with a historical marker about the start of 4-H in Nebraska.

Soon we were back on 5th Street and the route took us right by the Chances R restaurant. We stopped for a wonderful lunch. So glad my friend was with me, for even had I walked by, I might not have stopped, not realizing what a treat this restaurant is.

Once done we had only 3 blocks to walk to the ending point.We were sitting down to lunch at 2:20, so we walked the 10 K is just a bit more than 2 hours, allowing for our rest at the county fairgrounds. Not too bad for two grandmothers!

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