Thursday, May 9, 2013

Visiting Museums in Lincoln

Part of my reason for being in this area is to do a walk in York, NE. My friend said if I could wait until tomorrow than she could go with me. Good plan, for this morning was cloudy and cool. Tomorrow can only be better.

Instead we visiting two museums in Lincoln. Our first stop was the Nebraska History Museum. One exhibit is about the Terri Lee Dolls that were made here in Lincoln for awhile. The exhibit shows a young mother had the idea for a doll, and went into business with her aunt, who rather took over and left the young mother without much say in the business.

The first dolls came out in 1946. They were first made with ethyl cellulose. Each face was hand-painted. They were to be the same and yet each is just a bit different.

If you look carefully you will notice the doll in the upper picture has lower lid eyelashes while the doll on the bottom does not.

This company was a leader in make dolls for African-American kids. The first dolls from the company were sold in 1946 and these dolls were ready for the market for Christmas, 1947.

Another exhibit involves Nebraska's activities during 20th century wars.

Above is a Patriot truck manufactured in Nebraska during World War 1. Below is a scooter, also produced in Nebraska during World War II. This scooter was designed to be dropped by parachute to troops behind enemy lines.

Our next stop was at the Pho Factory, a Vietnamese restaurant, for lunch.

This is a beautifully decorated restaurant and oh my! is the food good.

Our next stop was Lux Center, a small art gallery. It presently has an exhibit called Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup -- actually the bones in an ear. The objects in the exhibit all make sounds.

Here is a video of one. I had to hold the camera and make the sounds at the same time, so the video is a bit jerky. Sorry.

This exhibit is really fun! A great day in Lincoln.

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