Thursday, May 30, 2013

Saturday in Jamaica

I was again up early, went to breakfast and then had a chance to take a walk around the resort before conference sessions began.

Here's some Jamaica eye candy!

The morning conference sessions centered first on emerging infectious diseases and the relationship to climate warming. The second session provided several sessions on dealing with diabetes in various countries.

We had lunch "on our own," I decided to try the Seaside Grill and simply had a hamburger -- not very exciting, except for eating it while watching the ocean. I so enjoyed seeing how the color changed during the day. During the time of high noon one sees dark blue, in the middle a beautiful aqua green, and along shore yet another color of blue.

I got dessert at the bar.

Really liked these icy strawberry drinks.

Back to conference for a session by Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Dr. Sanford Lopater.

Here are folks getting ready for the session. Much to my surprise Dr. Ruth is only 4 feet, 7 inches tall.The session centered primarily on what people really don't know about sex.

Dr. Lopater teaches a course to college students in the U.S. and listed what students don't know. One thing on the list was what is really sexual harassment. That reminded me of a time in Hungary when I was speaking to a young physician who was going to the United States on a Fulbright. He brought up how to avoid sexual harassment. Turns out he thought he could be accused of that if he allowed a woman to exit an elevator first or opened a door for woman. I explained if anyone yelled at him about those things they were indeed practicing rudeness, but then did explain how sexual harassment relates to issues of power and sex at the same time.

At the close of session, Dr. Ruth asked one of the Jamaican presenters, Dr. Colette Cunningham-Myrie to sing again. Earlier in the day the computer technician was having difficulty loading her session, so Colette stood at the podium and sang a song.

Above is a bit of Day-O.

After the close of the session I went with two other professors to the Rose Hall Shops. We got a shuttle ride to the nearby shops.

Things here were definitely souvenirs and quite highly priced. I purchased only postcards that I plan to take to Poland in few weeks for an English teaching lesson.

While waiting for a ride back to the hotel, I was quite taken with the view of the flags against the afternoon stormy clouds.

We again had supper in the Fresh buffet restaurant. Then we went out on the terrace to enjoy the evening music. We joined Colette -- above -- and participated in the trivia game. We sent one of the group with the answers every time -- between us we did good. I could answer a question about the first and last states to join the U.S. and the Jamaican folks knew questions about Jamaican history. Diane, our answer person, won the trivia contest and was given a wooden carved turtle, a very beautiful piece of carving.

I was tired and hit the bed early. Another good day in Jamaica, meeting some very interesting people and hearing interesting presentations.

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