Friday, December 13, 2013

Basketball Adventure

My older granddaughter, who is a senior in high school this year, asked me this morning if I would come to her basketball game this evening. So I set off at about 6:15 PM for the 7 PM game. The school parking lot was really crowded. I found my way to the place to buy a ticket -- oh, sticker shock! I don't truly think I have been to a high school basketball game since I was in high school. I think then the price was 50 cents. Tonight I paid $5.00!

I was surprised to see a game in progress and thought she had given me the wrong time. But then I figured out it was the junior varsity. In a bit of time that game was over and the varsity teams came out to warm up. I thought the evening was going to be long, since my granddaughter's team shot about 10% during the warm-up exercises.

Soon the game was ready to start.

My granddaughter's team
The other team really dominated the first few minutes of the game, with one of them starting the game with a 3 point shot.

I later told my granddaughter I was probably a prejudiced grandmother, but I thought the whole temper of the game changed when the coach put her in. Her hustle as a point guard upset the dynamics of the other team and finally the score became tied.

In the second half of the game my granddaughter's team pulled away to the lead. There were two boys sitting close to me that kept cheering for my granddaughter. I thought I would probably scare them half to death if I introduced myself as the grandmother.

Here's how the game ended.

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