Friday, December 13, 2013

Flowers in December

Recently I got an electronic holiday letter from former work colleagues. We've not seen each other for years. I replied saying we should get together for coffee sometime. Then I sent another message suggesting we meet for coffee at the Como Park Conservatory so we could see the flowers--definitely a plus with the recent winter days we've been having.

I arrived a bit early and enjoyed the scene of the Como Park Zoo outside the windows of the Cafe at this location.

Soon my friends arrived and we enjoyed coffee or hot chocolate while visiting for awhile. They have kept up with my activities because  read the blog frequently.

We walked through the Conservatory area.Here are two pictures of orchids from the palm area.

The sunken garden is covered with poinsettias this Christmas season.

In what is called the North Room we observed a holiday tea going on as a fund-raiser for the Conservatory. Indeed it looked elegant.

Then we went to the Bonsai Room associated with a Japanese Garden found in this area.

 This fig plant is about 24 inches  (60cm) high. A sign beside it said it has been in trainings since the year 2000.

This particular bonsai shows up better since it is placed against a wall rather than a window. The sign below it helps one to understand the size of the bonsai. The sign identifies this as a narrow leaf fig and explains it has been in training since the year 2006.

While we were enjoying this room, my cell phone rang. I became rude and took this call. It was the moving company calling me about plans for Monday.

 We then wandered back to the exit and my colleagues made their way to the parking lot. I wandered through the gift shop and found some things that would be good for teaching English next summer, but I resisted. That box is already packed!

A lovely afternoon. Spent the evening with a less than pleasant smell as I ran the cycle on the stove to clean the oven! Another thing off the list.

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