Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moving Adventure 2

On Monday the movers arrived at my apartment at 12:30 and we all left there about 2:30. Everything was moved in and the bed set up, etc by 5:30. After that I walked over to the nearby Keys Restaurant and really enjoyed a burger with sweet potato fries. Usually I can't eat a whole meal like that, but I'd really not had anything since an 8 AM breakfast of yogurt and a muffin from the freezer, since the movers were originally scheduled for 10 AM. Snow came on and off that day which made their earlier job that day slower.

Came back and crashed out in my new apartment. First thing I noticed is how quiet is in here -- no more traffic and train noise, although it really didn't annoy too much --but honestly did drive my crazy for about two weeks when I returned from living in Pecs, Hungary where I had a very quiet flat, too.

Yesterday I got up very early and started tackling the boxes for about two hours. Then I walked over to Keys again for breakfast. After that I headed back to my old apartment and moved everything left in the freezer as well as most of the things left in the refrigerator.

Came home expecting Comcast to arrive, and the technician did arrive at about 1:00. He is a terrific technician. Had everything hooked up in about 10 minutes, including putting the key for the modem onto my computer so as soon as he was out the door I was ready for wireless Internet. He also had a the great idea of putting a picture of the key on my phone, where I can enlarge it and so don't have to have to read the fine print!

My younger daughter and my baby grandson then were on their way for a short visit. After they left I tried to rest for a bit, but was hungry, so headed out to find either what was a very late lunch or an early supper. That all disappeared too! But the good news this morning is that I finally found the coffee pot and the carafe and could actually made coffee at home.

Up again very early this morning, and enjoyed seeing the sunrise while sitting along the floor to ceiling window that overlooks my balcony. Even on a winter day it's warm right by the window -- obviously good windows put in.

The building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified so I had been expecting that windows would include insulation to prevent transfer of heat in the summer/transfer of cold in the winter.

I have tried out all the new appliances except for the stove. The cook top is so beautiful brand-new as it is. -- I hate to mess it up. I read the manual for the stove and it said to heat the oven to 400 degrees (204C) and let it run like that for 30 minutes before using it the first time. --oh my! did the smoke pour out and that's how I found that the exhaust fan works quite fine and isn't too noisy.

Love the morning sun that pours into the apartment during the morning. And the sun should rise enough by summer that I get light only and not the sunlight then. With the huge windows the sunlight flows through the whole living room and kitchen. And in the bedroom the floor to ceiling window lets the sun flow through the closet, across the hall, and all the way to the end of the bathroom.

Pictures of some of this later when I have disposed of most of the boxes!

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