Friday, December 20, 2013

This Christmas at Mall of America

On Wednesday I took off from unpacking to walk down the street towards the bus. Walking gave me a good view of the outside of my new apartment.
The first full balcony on the top floor of the North Tower (pictured) is my balcony, and now I even know how to open the door to walk out there. The type of lock puzzled me and a maintenance man helped me figure it out. Turns out the door wasn't locked, but it is now!

I also noticed the new fence that recently appeared around the swimming pool area.

I think it is beautiful and at the same time it brings security for any small child being able to get his/her head or limbs through the fence, and it's high enough small children can't climb on it and fall off.

My walk continued to Drivers' Services down the street where I filled out an application to get the address changed on my driver's license. Then I took the escalator up one level and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at Caribou.

From there I walked through the skyway finding my way to the bus stop on 6th and Cedar. It didn't take too long for a 54 to arrive and I was off to the Mall of America. Being able to take public transit is one reason I moved. How nice to go to a crowded mall during the holiday season and not to worry about where to park!

I found the Mall of America has very subdued decorations this year. In the rotunda there are two large silver trees.

In the hallways there are hanging twinkle lights.

In the corner by Nordstrom's I found large Christmas ornaments.

Nordstrom's itself has more traditional decorations.

Got my shopping done quite quickly, grabbed a bite of pizza, and then made my way back to the transit center and bus to return to St. Paul. Figured how to easily do a transfer which brings me to bus stop within two blocks of where I now live. Great afternoon away from unpacking.

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