Monday, December 2, 2013

Moving Adventure #1

Today I got into the building where I am moving for the very first time. Here's the view I saw as I approached.

Am I moving into a construction zone? Well, for awhile. This building is being completed in phases. This is a view of what is called the South Tower and I am moving into the North Tower. The old looking facade is the front of the former Saint Paul Police Station.The rest of the building structure is very modern.

I found the door on the north side and had the instruction to call when I arrived. A construction worker was there working on what will be the call box for entry on that side and he let me into the foyer.

Wow! I had no idea the building would be European modern in style.

The representative of the property manager met me and we whisked up the elevator to floor 6, which is really floor 7 because to continue with doing things European style, ground floor is 0!

And here's the elevator foyer on the sixth floor.

My apartment is not too far from the elevator.

Here's the kitchen with about twice the storage space of my present kitchen. Behind where one would be standing here is a very large coat closet, also about twice as large as the one I have now.

The living room area is about the same size.

Should have taken the picture from a different angle. The window light confused the camera, but this makes it possible to see the big door with a lovely balcony outside. The balcony overlooks the courtyard with the swimming pool and green space. I'm looking forward to sitting on my balcony in the spring and watching all the landscaping come together in the courtyard. I figured out today that I can access the courtyard by going down to the second level and then going through a door there.

To make best use of the space the doors to the bathroom and the walkin closet are pocket doors, and the door to the bedroom from the living area is a translucent barn door that slides into the wall. The floor length window in the bedroom was a surprise too.

When leaving I decided to go down to take a look at the garage. I took the elevator to  -1 and then went through the door to the garage, hearing it clicked locked! And I had no key to open it!

Well, here's the picture of the empty garage.

No cell service in the garage to call the office and ask them to rescue me. I stood there for a bit and decided to see if the exit door would work from the inside. So I walked up the driveway and yes! the garage door slowly opened. In fact, it opens enough ahead of time that one won't have to sit and wait for it! But truly I was relieved to get out of this pickle so easily.

Walked around the corner to the Keys restaurant. How convenient to be able to walk out so easily to a good restaurant, most any time of the day!

Meanwhile the place I live looks certainly like someone is moving. It's hard to pack out of a small apartment. Where does one put the boxes?

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