Monday, December 30, 2013

Life on a Cold December Day

The Arctic cold rolled back into Minnesota with a vengeance last night. I woke up this morning about 8:45, apparently tired out from both moving and the Christmas holiday time.

The first thing I did was make bread pudding. I had made some white bread that I really didn't like for sandwiches so went looking for a bread pudding recipe. That's always a good thing to do with bread. I got this out of the oven in time to have it with a bit of lunch.

At 1:00 I went over to my old apartment to meet with the property manager and verify the apartment was cleaned to the required
specifications. This took all of about 2 minutes. Turned in my keys and now I'm all done there except for paying for the gas and electricity for another 15 hours or so, as I write. Paying for heating in two apartments these past two weeks has not been fun due to the extraordinary cold weather.

From the old apartment location I headed to the far eastern border of Saint Paul to a library branch there. This branch had some books I wanted as I thought it would be just as easy to go get them as to go to closer branch and go through the song and dance of having them sent to a different place. I headed down White Bear Avenue when done to Byerly's and got some groceries to making a supper on New Year's Eve and then a luncheon on New Year's Day.

Got back to my apartment with enough time to put away the things that needed the refrigerator or freezer. Then I headed to far western side of Saint Paul to the Highland Theater.

I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks, and after reading the reviews of this film decided it would not be one that my daughter with special needs would truly enjoy. This is a terrific film. Go see it!!!!

After the film I walked down the street to Panera and had a sandwich and then headed home. This travel was all done in light snow with a temperature of around 0 (-18C) all day.

What a joy to come home to my fireplace on a day like this! Love the new place but it still feels more like a place I'm visiting then where I live.

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