Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adventures at the Gas Station

This morning the gas tank was nearly empty, but enough to get to work and get near a gas station where the price is always better than at the ones in my neighborhood. After working 6 hours straight without even a lunch break, I took off for lunch and went first to the gas station. I was pleased when I saw the price was 11 cents lower than in my neighborhood. I couldn't believe the crowds there at 1:30 PM! People were patiently waiting to pull up to the pumps.(Here everything is self service. I don't even know of a gas station where an attendant would pump the gas.) Well as my journey continued, I understood. I bought gas at $1.88 while every other gas station was $2.03 and that price was a bit higher than most stations had when I drove to work this morning.

It mystifies me when the price of gas at a same company's station is so different in different parts of town. It all comes out of the same place. I didn't realize that those of us in the center city where paying so much more until first my older daughter moved to a southern suburb and then for awhile I had to teach in a northern suburb. I quickly learned to go to both of those destinations with a somewhat empty tank for the price in the suburbs was always lower.

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